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At Malanda Law, we understand the significance of water allocations and water licences for individuals, businesses, and agricultural operations in Queensland.

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Principal, Jeanne Stokes is well-versed in the complex laws and regulations governing water resources in Queensland. Whether you need assistance with obtaining water allocations, navigating the licensing process including transfer, lease, or subdivision, or managing compliance requirements, we provide you with quality and contemporary legal guidance.

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With a deep understanding of Queensland’s water legislation, Jeanne Stokes can assist you with all aspects of water allocations and water licences. We stay up to date with the latest developments and regulatory changes, ensuring that you receive accurate and timely advice tailored to your situation.

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We assist clients in navigating the complexities of water allocations and water licences, ensuring adherence to regulations, and helping you meet your compliance obligations.

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We take a strategic approach to help you optimise your water resources, identifying opportunities for sustainable use and maximising your operational efficiency.

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We take the time to understand your unique circumstances and objectives, tailoring our advice and solutions to provide attentive and accessible support throughout the process.

Check out our handy definitions to understand more about water allocations and water licences.

Water resource management can be complicated, but at Malanda Law we will support you through this process.

Taking of groundwater for stock and domestic purposes is allowed without a licence or permit unless regulated through the Water Regulation 2016, a water plan, or a moratorium notice.

What is a Water Allocation?

A Water Allocation is an authority to take a share of water available under the water resource in a catchment managed by the State Government.
A water allocation has its own separate title which is registered under the Water Allocations Register and can be bought and sold independently in a similar way to buying and selling land.

This enables water allocation holders to buy water to expand their operations or sell water they don’t need.

Anyone can buy a water allocation – you do not need to be a landholder – however, movement of the water is restricted by trading rules specified in a water management protocol or the Water Regulation 2016.

Like land, water allocations may also be subdivided or amalgamated.

What is a Water Licence?

A Water Licence is a licence or permit to take groundwater issued under the Water Act 2000. Groundwater or underground water is the water beneath the earth’s surface that occurs in pore spaces and fractures of rock formations called aquifers. Groundwater is regulated and you may need authorisation before you can access it.

An example is water you may draw from a bore, the title of which will pass to the new owner of the land when the land is sold.

Authority to construct works infrastructure such as water bores or wells is issued under the Planning Act 2016. It is important to understand that a licence or permit to take groundwater does not authorise the construction of works such as water bores or wells.

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