Deceased Estates

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Navigating the legal process following the passing of a loved one can be profoundly challenging.

Why Choose Malanda Law for Deceased Estates?

With years of experience in handling deceased estates, Principal Jeanne Stokes and our team are well-versed in matters of this nature, and we offer comprehensive services to help you navigate the probate process, administer the estate, and ensure the smooth distribution of assets according to the wishes of the deceased or, where there is no will, in accordance with the Intestacy Rules.

At Malanda Law, we understand the sensitive nature of deceased estates, and we are here to provide guidance and legal assistance during this challenging time.

Compassionate Support

We understand that dealing with a deceased estate is a highly emotional and sensitive matter. Jeanne Stokes provides compassionate support, offering a comforting presence during what can be a challenging time. We are here to alleviate your burden and provide you with the guidance you need.

Competent in Probate and Estate Administration

Managing the legal aspects of a deceased estate requires extensive knowledge, and Jeanne Stokes has considerable experience in probate matters and estate administration. We handle all the necessary legal processes, including applying for probate, asset valuation, and distributing the estate’s assets in accordance with the deceased’s wishes.

Clear Communication and Transparency

We believe in open and transparent communication with our clients, and this is never truer than following the passing of a loved one.

Jeanne and the team will keep you informed throughout the entire process, explaining each step in clear and understandable terms. We are available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have to ensure you are confident in your decisions.

Tailored Solutions

We take the time to understand the specific circumstances and wishes of the deceased, tailoring our approach to meet your individual needs. Our goal is to provide personalised solutions that honor the legacy of your loved one and ensure a smooth and efficient administration of the estate.

During this challenging time, let Malanda Law be your trusted partner in handling the legal complexities of a deceased estate.

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With Jeanne Stokes and her team by your side, you can navigate the probate process with confidence and ensure the proper administration and distribution of your loved one’s estate.